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Welcome to Teánola Mechanical Music !
Bienvenue en Musique Mécanique de Teánola !
Willkommen Teánola zur Mechanischen Musik !
Benvenuto a Musica Meccanica di Teánola !

We would like to welcome and introduce you to our Teánola mechanical music boxes & barrel organs. Traditionally constructed mechanical musical instruments with a magical sound.

Teánola Barrel Organ - Crank Organ - Street Organ - Orgue De Barbarie - Mechanical Reed Organ - Organ Grinder - Drehorgel


Do you love the music of the old barrel organ grinder and the victorian manivelle musical box ? Then click on our mechanical music pages to see our latest editions.

Left : The Teánola street organ with carved wooden façade.


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Music Boxes, Jewellery Boxes, Musical Carousels, Childrens Music Boxes

Baby Music Boxes

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Music Box World UK, Music Boxes, Musical Jewellery Boxes & Music Gifts, Reuge Music Boxes & Musical Carousels

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Teánola Mechanical Music

Barrel Organs, Monkey Organs, Street Organs, Crank Organs, Manivelle Musical Boxes, Self Build Street Organ Kits

N. J. Dean Perforated Music

Perforated Music for Mechanical Organs, Fairground Organs, Barrel Organs, Street Organs, Dance Organs, Mechanical Music, New arrangements made, music punched to order.

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