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1. Mechanical Music Collections & Museums
2. Mechanical Music Organisations & Clubs
3. Mechanical Music Dealers & Shops
4. Mechanical Music Pages & More Links


Mechanical Music Collections & Museums

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Mechanical Music Organisations & Clubs

The Amatuer Organ Builders Group
For the enthusiastic self builder of mechanical organs

The Fair Organ Preservation Society
Welcome to the society dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of the fairground organ, and other related mechanical instruments, and their music. Our members are all interested in this fascinatong aspect of our national heritage, some being organ owners themselves. The objects of the Society shall be the promotion and encouragement of all forms of interest in, and the preservation of, Fair Organs and Mechanical Musical Instruments.

Het Orgel
The Internet pages of Europe's oldest magazine on Organ Art: het ORGEL [i.e. the ORGAN]. het ORGEL is a magazine of Dutch origin. The site contains English summaries of articles published in het ORGEL. Every second month we will add the newest summaries. The site also contains a survey of which festival is happening where in Europe, and an extensive collection of links to other interesting organ sites throughout the world.

Mechanical Music Digest
The Mechanical Music Digest (MMD) is a moderated forum, published daily on the Internet and distributed primarily by e-mail. Feel free to read our publication and learn more about musical instruments that play themselves.

The Musical Box Society Of Great Britain
Formed in 1962, the Musical Box Society of Great Britain today has an international membership ranging from the USA through Switzerland (the accredited birthplace of the cylinder musical box) to Asia and Australia. The aim of the Society is to further an interest in and an appreciation of all forms of mechanical music.

The Reed Organ Society, Inc.
Founded in 1981, the Society is an international, non-profit organization devoted to the appreciation, study, collection, restoration and preservation of reed organs. Membership is open to anyone who is genuinely interested in reed organs. If you enjoy these organs and want to learn more about them, there is a place for you in the ROS.


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Mechanical Music Dealers / Restorers / Shops / eShops

TheMusicHouse.Com, Inc. (buy Teánola here!)
Musical Gifts to Treasure - 2500+ music boxes and 1000s of gifts from TheMusicHouse.Com since 1965

Steampunk Gifts
Professor Cornelius Bartrum-Haines' marvellous & spectacular Steampunk Gifts ! Steampunk jewellery, gifts, necklaces, pendants, clocks & watches.

Carousels of Distinction, an exquisite collection of finely made
musical carousels, musical carousel water globes & snow globes for collectors of all ages.

Magical Music Boxes (buy Teánola here!)
Ballerina Music Boxes, Musical Carousels, Children's Music Boxes, Reuge, Jobin, Guiessaz & other music boxes (buy Teánola here!)

Melvyn Wright Mechanical Music Arranger
Arranger & maker of perforated music for mechanical organs, busker organs, street organs, fairground organs etc.

Music Box World UK
New Music Boxes, Jewellery Boxes, Music Gifts, Musical Movements, Reuge & other Swiss music boxes

Restoration & supplies for organettes, player piano's and other mechanical music machines

N J Dean & Co. (buy Teánola here!)
New Music Boxes & Perforated Cardboard for Mechanical Organs

Pump Organ Repair and Restoration Services of Atlanta
Specializing in the repair and restoration of antique pump organs, player pump
organs, harmoniums and melodeons throughout the United States and Canada


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Mechanical Music Pages & More Links

The Busker Organ Music Web Site
This site caters for most hand-turned busker organs, street organs, monkey organs, etc. If you are looking for music rolls, cardboard books, chips, or music cartridges for your busker or street organ, you will probably find them on this site.

Mechanical Musical Instruments
A website with many mechanical music links
Mechanical Musical Instruments

Musica Mecanica
Discover mechanical or automatic music on the Internet
In English, German and French
With an agenda of coming events, a listing of associations and museums worldwide, and many other features


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