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The Teánola mechanical organ & musical box in kit form !

If you are a keen model builder & mechanical music collector then you will love our Teánola self build kits.

You don't need to be an expert on mechanical music to assemble one of our music boxes or organs. Simple, precise manufacturing enables easy self assembly with the smallest of knowledge and basic workshop tools.

Each kit comes with all the components ready machined & needed to build your mechanical music box. You simply follow the instructions and assemble with everyday hand tools you can get at your local DIY store. You can easily customize your design by hand painting the cases in your own style.

At the end you will have a mechanical musical instrument that you really helped in making and can be proud of!

You can get these Teánola's in kit form :

30 Note Teánola Manivelle Musical Box Kit
Kit Price around £200.00 GBP + shipping

14 Key Teánola Mechanical Organ Kit
Kit Price around £1,500.00 GBP + shipping

To purchase, please click here to see our 'Where To Buy' guide


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